Farrel F270 Banbury Internal Mixer

Farrel F270 Banbury Internal Mixer
  • 1 x Farrel Model F270 Banbury internal mixer,
  • Year 1999,
  • 270 litre capacity,
  • 2 wing rotor design,
  • FYH type dust seals,
  • Hydraulic drop door with linear actuator,
  • Process oil system,
  • Pneumatic hopper.
  • with semi unidrive gearbox,
  • AC variable speed motor, 550V (includes 11kv > 550v transformer).
  • Alstom 'Syncdrive' AC variable speed drive controller, 1265 KVA, 550V, digital drive new in 2001.
  • With Promtec Control system (complete but PLC missing).
  • In feed conveyor and dust extraction system also available if required (at additional cost).
  • Spare motor also included.
  • Complete and in good condition